Our Projects

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Infrastructure Sector Roads and Expressways

Shiwalay Infra constructs roads, highways, and expressways using bitumen as well as concrete, conforming to international standards. The Work relating to the Strengthening and Widening of Roads are undertaken by using the most sophisticated equipments. Shiwalay Infra also undertakes maintenance of National and State Highways, using sophisticated equipments for resurfacing.

Infrastructure Sector

Infrastructure Sector

Infrastructure Sector


Shiwalay Infra builds many types of bridges with various span ranges. Bridge work being undertaken includes.
Shiwalay Infra has the expertise to design special launching and erection techniques, including special systems formwork for concrete decks on top of steel and concrete structures.



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Irrigation ​

Industrial Structure

Shiwalay Infra’s expertise covers the design and construction of all types of industrial and storage structures such as:

Industrial Structure​

Industrial Structure​